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We have created the Focus Four executive search methodology based on 30 years
of executive search experience to succeed in our overall target:

to create a competitive edge for our clients through highest efficiency
in each process step and maximal success.

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outcome: A detailed, verified and fully aligned position profile covering both the mandated position and the candidate’s profile in all relevant dimensions.

Each mandate starts with a deep dive not only into our client’s company and organization, but into the entire surrounding. We strive to develop a clear picture on the following aspects in order to represent our client in the best possible way towards talents and future leaders.


  • Current situation of the company in terms of business development, profitability and other relevant financial KPI
  • Mission, corporate culture, corporate values and underlying rule sets
  • Company’s vision and corporate strategies
  • Main strategic challenges
  • Organizational structures, formal and informal decision processes, internal opinion leaders


  • Customers: Who are the main customer groups? What are their demands and how do they drive change and service?
  • Industry trends: Which are the core trends moving the industry and its players and how do they impact the position in question?
  • Partnerships and alliances: What kind of partnerships and alliances exist and which segments do they cover?
  • Competition: Who are the main competitors, what are their market positions and strategies?
  • Suppliers: Who are the main suppliers and how strong does the client’s business success depend on them?

Mandated position profile

  • Concrete description of the main tasks and responsibilities of the mandated position
  • Short-, mid- and long-term business targets of the mandated position
  • Required experiences and functional capabilities, personal attributes, attitudes and values the candidate should have in order to fit into the client’s corporate culture and to contribute successfully to the task
  • Internal and external stakeholders of the mandated position and their influence on the mandated position
  • Positioning of the mandated position in the client’s organization and long-term development options
  • Compensation package

FOCUS ONE in our FOCUS FOUR executive search methodology is of crucial importance, as it lays the foundation for all following phases. It is at the same time the phase during which we most intensively advise our client.

Our role in the trustful partnership with our clients is to contribute our expertise and act as a sparring partner for our client. We scrutinize elements, focusing mainly on the strategic directions of the client, its corporate culture and the influencing factors on the success of the position if needed. It might also make sense to interview main internal stakeholders of the position to additionally incorporate their views and expectations.

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outcome: A shortlist of personally interviewed and carefully evaluated candidates who fulfill the mandated profile and who have stated concrete interest in that position.

FOCUS TWO is at the heart of our profession. We intensively analyze the given profile and identify areas where the required skill set can be found. If needed, we will activate additional expertise in the requested discipline to sharpen and focus the scope of our search. Our closely meshed international network across industry segments ensures that we have optimal input. Our own experienced in-house recruiting team allows us to work precisely and to calibrate the identification process at any time needed.

  • We use structured interviews with candidates to achieve a broad coverage of all relevant input and all aspects of our mandate
  • We draw realistic pictures of the mandated positions, their business targets, surrounding aspects and especially the expectations of our client to ensure that candidates fully understand the opportunity in all dimensions
  • Our ambition is to respectfully go below the surface of self-marketing and to carve out the personality, cultural fit and skills/experiences of our candidates. Our industry knowledge affords us a deep understanding of the different steps, achievements and circumstances of their careers. We take responsibility for each candidate and his professional development, being aware that he makes important decisions for his future
  • We give constructive and respectful feedback and advice to candidates we no longer consider for the specific mandate at any stage of the process
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outcome: The client and the chosen candidate have reached an agreement and built on the relationship that developed during our professional and at all times fully transparent executive search methodology.

FOCUS THREE of our executive search methodology is not only the presentation of shortlisted candidates, but additional consultancy during the important phase between the first presentation of candidates and the closing of a contract with our client.

  • We carry out background checks if our client so wishes and/or if appropriate for the mandated position
  • We are in a position to act as a mediator in the negotiation process between candidate and client in the event of obstacles. Having overseen the entire mandate from the initial profiling until the final negotiation phase, and having interacted intensively with both parties throughout the whole process, we can contribute from a mutually trusted position
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outcome: Mutual confidence of both client and placed candidate in successfully continuing the onboarding process and in reaching the envisioned business targets.

The fourth and final phase of our executive search methodology shall not be underestimated; it represents the attitude of sustainability of the REINECKE&ASSOCIATES approach.

  • We agree on a mutual feedback interview with both the client and our selected candidate to support the onboarding process. The timing of that feedback will be set in accordance with the milestone planning of our client’s onboarding schedule
  • We adopt a neutral mediator role when sensitively elaborating the levels of expectations met and are able to positively adjust if necessary

REINECKE&ASSOCIATES stands for sustainable success in executive search consultancy.
Our measurement of success does not end with the transaction:

we look after the longer-term business success of each mandate we take.